Friday, May 24, 2013

contoh singkat procedure text singkat

procedure text procedure text adalah teks yang menjelaskan bagaimana sesuatu bekerja atau teks yang menjelaskan cara menggunakan pedoman instruksi / penggunaan. GENERIC STRUCTURE OF PROCEDURE TEXT Seperti halnya pengertian procedure text di atas, generic structure (susunan umum) procedure text juga ada tiga : (1) Goal (Maksud atau tujuan) (2) Material Needed (Materi / alat / bahan yang dibutuhkan) (3) Methods or Steps (Metode / langkah-langkah) contoh: 1.Procedure Text : How to make pancake Ingredients: * 3 – 4 spoonful of flour * 2 eggs * 1 ½ (250 ml) of milk * 1 stick of butter Materials: * 1 mixing bowl * 2 table spoons * 2 cups * 1 small pan Procedure: 1. Put the flour in the bowl. 2. Put milk in a cup. 3. Make sure it's 250 ml of milk. 4. Put the milk in the bowl. 5. Break the 2 eggs into the bowl. 6. Mix it with a spoon. 7. Heat up the pan and put the butter 8. Put the mix in the pan. 9. Let the pancake mix cook about 5 minutes. 10. Flip pancake over when the top is brown. 11. And your pancake its ready to be serve 2.Procedure Text : How to make a cup of coffee Material and Ingredients: * 2 spoons of sugar * a cup * hot water * one spoon of coffee powder * a spoon Procedure: - first you must prepare two spoons of sugar, a cup, hot water, one spoon ofcoffee powder, a spoon. - then put one spoon of coffee powder into the cup - Then pour some hot water into the cup - Next add 2 spoons of sugar into a cup of coffee - Finally stir it well and the hot coffee is ready to drink Procedure Text : How to make a kite Materials: ● 3 pieces of cane ● Thread ● Large sheet of strong paper (e.g. tissue) ● Soft pencil ● Scissors ● Paint and paintbrush ● Glue ● Strong string Procedure : The Frame ● Dampen the cane to make flexible ● Carefully, bend the cane to desired shape then tie securely with thread The Covering ● Lay the frame on sheet of paper ● Trace around frame with pencil ● Cut covering approximately 1 cm larger than the outline ● Paint bird on covering (e.g. bowl) ● When paint is dry, place the frame on unpainted side. ● Now, fold edges of covering over the frame carefully, and glue them down. The Bridle ● Cut 3 pieces of string, each 20 cm long. ● Secure one end of each string tightly to frame at the shoulders and tail of the bird. ● Then, tie the other ends in a knot. 3.Procedure Text : How to make Indomie Fried Noodles Materials: ● Two slices of bread ● Something inside (fried-egg, strawberry jam, chocolate sprinkles, a sausage, etc.) Procedure: ● First, boil two glasses of water in a pan. ● Then, open the package of Indomie fried noodles. ● While waiting for the water to boil, pour the seasoning: chili sauce, soya sauce and oil into a bowl. ● After the water is boiled, drain the noodles. ● Next, throw away the water. ● Then, pour the noodles into the bowl. ● After that, mix the noodles with the seasoning, sauce, and the other ingredients. ● Now, your noodles are ready. 4.Procedure Text : How to make Sandwich Materials: ● Two slices of bread ● Something inside (fried-egg, strawberry jam, chocolate sprinkles, a sausage, etc.) Procedure: ● First of all, take two slices of bread. ● Spread the bread with butter or margarine ● Then, put anything you like on top of the bread on one slice. You can have a fried egg, some strawberry jam, (or any kind of jam), chocolate sprinkles, a slice of cheese, a sausage, or something else. ● After that, join the two slices of bread together, and your sandwich is ready! sumber:

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